• Reign 500 ml

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    Grandma's BBQ Sauce from Max Protein are innovative barbecue sauces with different classic flavors and aromas, originally from the USA. They are low-calorie sauces with natural ingredients that allow us to season our favorite dishes without adding unnecessary calories.
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    peace of mind! Now you can live a healthy life without giving up your sweet tooth with our new Grandma's Sweet Syrups line. The texture, flavor and color of the syrups of always, with less calories than ever. Each ingredient in these syrups is carefully selected to maintain the original flavor notes of the best traditional syrup.
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  • Rich Cream 250G - Iogenix IO.GENIX

    Almond cream is a natural source of vegetable fats with a high protein content and an excellent texture, with two incredible flavors: cookie and chocolate.- Natural source of energy- 96% almond ensuring maximum quality and purity.- Natural source of vegetable fat.- No added sugars
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  • Peanut Butter Crunchy 1KG IO.GENIX

    The newest and tastiest way to eat peanut butter thanks to its crunchy texture and original peanut flavor. It is also one of the most delicious ways to ingest healthy fats in the diet, ideal to combine with everyday foods and give them an extra touch of creaminess.- Natural source of energy- Natural source of vegetable fat- Suitable for vegan diets- No...
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  • Low Calorie SERVIVITA Sauce

    Servivita Sauces are elaborated for anyone who likes to eat healthy, such as athletes who need to take care of their diet. Also for celiacs, diabetics, or lactose intolerant.
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  • Peanuts Butter - Mvp - 350G IO.GENIX

    Peanut butter is one of the best sources of healthy fats you can find, with an incredible flavor and texture. As if that were not enough, from iO.GENIX we have elaborated this peanut butter in different flavors to satisfy the most demanding palates.- Source of energy- No added sugars
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  • Protein Meal Bar

    What better way to complement a diet than with delicious wafer bars coated with milk chocolate and filled with chocolate, yogurt or banoffee, which combines a perfect banana flavor with a touch of genuine toffee. All of them provide 32% protein, a satiating effect and a delicious taste in a crunchy texture.
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  • Hazelnut Cream - IO.GENIX Mvp

    Our delicious Hazelnut Cream is ideal to add to your daily routine without giving up any treat, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and with no added sugars. With two delicious flavors such as white and dark chocolate.- Source of energy.- Source of protein- Texture and flavor for the most demanding palates
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  • PROTELLA American Cookie

    White chocolate cream and USA style cookies with 10% roasted hazelnuts NO palm oil NO added sugar With 20% protein
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