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  • Ess. Hello, Good Stuff! Happy Bliss Face Fixative Spray ESSENCE

    With its refreshing citrus fragrance, HELLO, GOOD STUFF! HAPPY BLISS facial spray guarantees a great mood and good vibes. But this spray not only smells great, it also nourishes and moisturizes the skin with 96% natural ingredients and citrus water. Perfect for extra happiness and freshness when you're out and about or as part of your facial care routine....
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  • Catr. Clean Id Matt Prime & Fix Spray CATRICE

    Clean ID Matt Prime & Fix setting spray is suitable for use as a make-up primer before foundation, as well as for setting make-up in place for long-lasting hold. The formula with aloe vera softens the skin and offers a mattifying finish with Sederma's Evermat. The transparent texture also has the fresh and pleasant scent of aloe vera.
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  • Catr. Ultra LAST2 CATRICE Fixative Spray

    Ultra Last2 setting spray offers an incredibly long hold: Makeup stays in place for up to 18 hours, according to an external study with 30 participants. The transparent setting spray is water-resistant and prevents smudging. The texture is light and pleasant on the skin and does not contain alcohol or perfume.
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  • Catr. Clean Id Hyaluronic 12H Hydro Fixative Spray CATRICE

    With total moisturizing power, this setting spray with 95% natural ingredients provides the ultimate hydration boost. Thanks to the product's high molecular weight texture, i.e. long-chain hyaluronic acid, panthenol and glycerin, it hydrates the skin for twelve hours, leaving it fresh, nourished and radiant. Whether used as a pre-base to set makeup or for...
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  • KRYOLAN Ultra Setting Fixative 100 Ml

    Ultra Setting Vaporizer is an innovative product for setting makeup. It is a gentle, exceptionally mattifying fixative that is ideal for on-camera work. Ultra Setting Vaporizer reliably sets all types of makeup. In the case of creamy foundations, the make-up should be set with setting powder beforehand. Ultra Setting Vaporizer is applied thinly and evenly...
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