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8,56 €

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Sold and shipped by Guanxe from the Canary Islands.

The minimum purchase order quantity for this product is 2 units

Advertising signs made of 400 microns PVC and printed in silkscreen in 2 inks; orange and black.
Specially indicated for real estate agencies,
Phosphorescent ink. The signage system consists of a set of signs for: evacuation routes, firefighting, obligation, prohibition and danger, etc., made of 700 micron thick PVC. Both the evacuation and fire signs, in compliance with regulations, are photoluminescent.
Given that, like all pictograms, communicational signs are extremely effective, and that their main purpose is to signal, orient and inform, their correct location will achieve optimum results in terms of their effectiveness.
We can manufacture any type of sign or advertising sign made to measure both in PVC and aluminum and in any language (minimum orders).

8,56 €

From Guanxe

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