CONTINUOUS PAPER 250X11,1H.PAUTED (2500 sheets) View larger

CONTINUOUS PAPER 250X11,1H.PAUTED (2500 sheets)

Ref: 011250


44,41 €

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Sold and shipped by Guanxe from the Canary Islands.
The continuous format or form is any format, with or without printing, that has been processed and printed on a rotary press, or as in our case, processed in a paper processor and then printed on a package-to-package reprinter; in which the paper, which is originally rolled in reels, is die-cut horizontally to fold the sheet to the size specified by the customer and perforated vertically on the sides for the breakdowns; so that they can be used in matrix printers.

The dimensions of the continuous formats are expressed in inches. The first digit refers to the width of the format including the breakdowns, the second digit refers to the length of the sheet (run), and the third digit refers to the number of sheets that make up the format.

44,41 €

From Guanxe

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